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Engaging people every day… in a way that stirs


It's engagement you fool!

Alan Heap’s TEDx Leamington Spa talk: should we bring back the licensed fool?


Conference 101 in Room 101

How can you plan a highly engaging conference?


My boss is an idiot!

Or - why you should own your mistakes


Why I know the way to the chip shop, but you don’t…

The Curse of Knowledge: when you know something, you know it and you can’t ‘un-know’ it.


Purple Monster has been in business for 21 years this year. Our expertise is in creating Emotionally Engaging Employee Experiences.

We use our rich creative culture, people-centred way of working, innovative techniques, and most importantly, our sense of humour, to stir individuals and teams into action. We have successfully applied this for organisations all over the world on major change programmes, system and process implementations, roll-out of new strategies and ways of working. It has also been used for internal communications, training and in a multitude of other ways.

We are not afraid of difficult situations. Our skill lies in providing a different perspective that will stir, excite, stimulate and inspire action by getting people to talk, so everyone is on the same path for the journey ahead, whatever that might be.

Face-to-face engagement

Maximise the opportunity you have to engage, motivate and inspire performance.

Virtual & remote engagement

Are there costs and logistical challenges in bringing people together? Save the travel and accommodation expense but still enjoy full participation with our Virtual Village solutions.

Illustration & animation

Translating the dry, content-heavy business messages into easily understood, memorable and simple communications.

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