Alana Patchett

Illustration and Event Design

Alana Crawley

Illustration and Event Design
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‘So what do you like doing in your spare time, Alana?’, asked one of the interviewees at her interview seven years ago. ‘Well, I love to go to the top of Edgehill with my dogs and my sketchpad and just sketch and draw for fun’. ‘Hmmm’ replied the interviewer. ‘Interesting’….

Perhaps she shouldn’t have been applying for the role of Office Manager but we’re certainly glad she did. Alana has been with Purple Monster since 2010 starting (briefly) as Office Manager but very quickly began using those artistic talents and thus, Purple Monster started their Art department. Since that time Alana has been in great demand creating animations, online virtual environments, rich pictures, process maps, doing real time scribing and generally bringing an artistic visual eye to the Purple Monster portfolio.

Like most Monsters she spends her precious spare time with her family and much-loved dog, Murphy, cooking up new recipes, baking cakes for the office or trying out a new exotic cocktail or two. Her love of fast cars has flourished in the last few years. She can now be seen driving to and from events with her manuscript paper and portfolio peeking out of the window of her trendy sports car.

The sketch pad has also been superseded by her iPad Pro which she loves just a little bit less than her Porsche Boxster.