Hybrid and Virtual Conferences

We believe that all organisations benefit from having more rounded employees. Our role at Purple Monster is to help organisations develop their people, whilst building the habit of lifelong learning, which is critical for the modern workplace.

Our principles 

We believe that by exploring human qualities, individuals will be more equipped to be better colleagues, teams will be able to function more easily and organisations will become more able to thrive in this constantly changing and increasingly complex world. Purple Monster’s approach is based on these key principles:

  • Learning rather than training
  • Current and relevant content and thinking
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • High levels of engagement and participation
  • Practical application of learning in the workplace

“The ability to be oneself at work leads both to greater performance and to personal contentment.”

Extensive Experience

With over 25 years experience working with clients, we have identified skills that traditional training programmes do not cover but that are now more relevant and vital that ever. Our clients trust us to deliver to a high standard and to create engaging content for their employees.

The majority of our clients are global and so we are specialists at engaging on a human level, in online situations, as well as being world-class experts in the art of face-to-face facilitation. This is achieved by using a unique blend of creativity and business relevance to ensure learning lands effectively. Read more about what our clients think here.

Impacts for the Organisation

So called ‘Soft Skills’ or the Human Curriculum, as we like to call it, has been shown to have very tangible and ‘hard’ organisational impacts. 

We take a holistic view of demonstrating the benefits of such an approach by aiming to shift:

  1. Individual Job Satisfaction; By investing in people not as resources but as human beings.
  2. Collective Productivity benefits; Groups of employees with higher levels of ‘soft skills’ can, for example, collaborate better, build more effective relationships, develop and implement more new ideas and find ways of getting to the root of complex problems.
  3. Spillover effects; It has been found that the positive impacts of higher levels of ‘soft skills’ in subsets of employees often leads to increased performance and productivity in others.

Our sessions are highly individualised and personal to the organisations we work with. We have covered topics from ‘Resilience’ and ‘Decision-Making’ to ‘Maintaining Confidence’ and ‘Agility’ in a virtual setting with engagement and creativity at the forefront of our delivery. For more about our services, get in touch today.