Hybrid and Virtual Conferences

Our bread and butter has always been high impact, engaging conferences but working with global companies in a changing world means that, in order to reach entire employee bases, online and virtual conferences are becoming more and more vital.

Bringing Creativity to Work is why we exist.   Throughout 2020 we have been concentrating on how to bring that creativity to bear in a world where we can’t meet face to face – enter hybrid conferences. 

Whave spent a large amount of our professional careers working in Radio, Television and Video and have great contacts, combined with bags of expertise when it comes to presenting messages and content in a lively engaging way. 

Here at Purple Monster we effectively  have  a TV studio  with the  requisite expertise in camera operation, direction, production and most crucially Vision mixing. This, more than anything else, allows us to break up the ‘full on face sat in home office’ shot and choose to see different angles and perspectives. We have the perfect platform to develop and deliver exciting hybrid conferencing.

We are able to use our new technology  to  place you and potentially  us  wherever in the world we would like to go. 

Combine this with our 25 years’ experience of delivering unique creative solutions to our clients and you have a costeffective hybrid conference, cutting down on the need for Global travel, but still delivered live. 

Our experience in 2020 has taught us that doing anything in the virtual world requires up to two times as much prep and thought as it does when creating a live session. So if you are interested in playing with our hybrid conference studio we can’t turn it round in a fortnight but please give us a ring and we’ll be happy to virtually walk you around our studio and have some fun creating a different kind of meeting that participants will all thank you for. 

Our sessions are highly individualised and personal to the organisations we work with. We have the ability to create any environment that suits, can drop slides, polls, surveys and chat into these meetings too and have your speakers appear in any ‘world’ they would like to be in. Ensuring everything plays into the theme of the meeting or conference means that we stay relevant and on message without simply using the technology as a crutch or a gimmick. For more about the potential of hybrid conferences, get in touch today.