What we do

We are experts in bringing business content to life. Helping large organisations to signal a shift in thinking and mindset. We use a vast array of creative tools, techniques, skills and experience to ensure your messages land effectively and with impact.

Thank you for the excellent work in bringing our‘corporate messages’ to life in an entertaining and engaging way, filled with humor.
I love what you do but more importantly it really helps all participants to be more engaged. The conference was a success because of the great preparation and animation but also because our people were really into it, and you were critical for that!”

Dirk van de Put

CEO, Mondelez International

High-Impact Kick-Offs & World Class Facilitation

Using world-class facilitation skills to create a high-energy environment where your content can be shown off at its best. Ensure your messages land by utilising tools and techniques with the sole purpose of connecting the audience to your message.

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Stand-Out Communication and Visuals

Visual translation of business messages into engaging and impactful artistic creations. Interpreting your challenges, data and initiatives by developing visual representations that don’t just look good, but have a business purpose and long-lasting impact.

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Virtual Conferences and Meetings

We believe that all organisations benefit from having more rounded employees. Our role at Purple Monster is to help organisations develop their people, whilst building the habit of lifelong learning, which is critical for the modern workplace.

The pandemic has allowed us to venture into a new platform of learning, the world of online facilitation. Our virtual conferences feature all of the same Purple Monster creativity and enthusiasm and take remote learning and meetings to a whole new level.

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