SAP Training Partnership

Multinational Utility Company“The challenge we were facing was addressing high levels of maintenance backlog across both our onshore and offshore assets. These are all complex sites where safe operation is the primary focus, and the equipment is, in some cases, several decades old. Aside from obvious issues around reliability there was an additional cost implication where poorly planned maintenance schedules were causing unnecessary shutdowns and interruptions to processes, and these were impacting on our financial performance.

This was not a new situation, and attempts had been made to address it in the past. Unfortunately, their implementation had been poorly received, with responses that ranged from apathy to outright resistance.

With this in mind we approached Purple Monster to help us with the ‘human’ element of the implementation, to ensure that the end users of this system not only understood the technical and process elements but also why it was happening, what it meant to them as individuals and probably most importantly, help them feel a part of improving our safety record. Part of the problem would be raising some of the dissatisfaction with things that had happened previously, and airing these gripes so that they were acknowledged and the reasons behind them considered, taking these as pointers for things that should not happen this time. This wasn’t something that our team or even our system trainers could do and hence why we sought support from an organisation specialising in emotional engagement.

The SAP training required to enable everyone to input the information needed for the system to achieve the objectives we desired was a major part of the courses that we scheduled, but from the start we made a conscious decision to split the time 50:50 between this important process and technology aspect and how these new processes would affect people on a human level. There was some uncertainty from the people delivering the technical training about the wisdom of this, but, after a few sessions with the Purple Monster facilitators they soon came to appreciate the value that they brought, opening up the conversations where needed and changing the focus, sometimes in a challenging way. In this respect they were often fearless, occasionally running into open hostility regarding the approach – something they took in good humour and professionalism, never failing to win over even the most difficult characters in the room.

The proof of any implementation lies in the data that can be captured. In this respect we have seen an astonishing shift in our standards and compliance figures in only a few months. This is far beyond our expectations in such a short time. Not only that, but this improvement hasn’t been driven by forcing people to comply, but because people have understood why collecting the data is important and then owning the change themselves. That for me is the most important part and something we would have never have achieved on our own.

The workshops that Purple Monster have supported us on have undoubtedly helped lead us to a place that we simply wouldn’t have gone to by following a conventional training plan. They have allowed the engineers to open up, voice opinions and participate in the change process rather feel that they are being ‘done to’ which is, on reflection, how we have managed change in the past.

Purple Monster have helped to accelerate adoption of the new system as well as create a more positive and engaged workforce which can only help us as we continue on this change journey.”

Programme Lead