commscope-logo“During the early stages of the Commscope and BNS integration, it was obvious that this was going to be one of the biggest challenges the company has ever faced. The scale of the two organisations and the complexity of products and services require a focused and serious change effort for leadership and staff alike. Being in charge of the sales organisation often means that you get to implement the changes first.

Purple Monster came highly recommended to me as being an organisation that did things differently and could potentially help me to accelerate the integration process, specifically where the engagement of hearts and minds is concerned. They have helped me to design and deliver two conferences; the first for our company leadership and the second for our sales coaches and functional partners.

What they brought to us was tremendous energy, fun and a constant challenge to do things differently. They focused our attention on emotional engagement so whenever we were tempted to see everything as data and information to load onto our people, they enabled us instead to see that building trusted relationships was more important. By having fun, learning things together and through a variety of interactive but relevant sessions, we have been able to condense the forming and storming activities into a very short space of time. More than anything, Purple Monster have undoubtedly helped us to accelerate our integration process and take us to a position that I might have expected to be in a year’s time. That is very valuable to me as a leader.”

Peter Karlsson – Sr. VP, Global Sales