One of the stated aims of Purple Monster and something that we’ve specialized in since the very start of our company, is to ‘bring content to life’. 


It’s something we’ve never really had to explain and yet clients and partners alike, absolutely get what it means.  It is a common request when we are preparing conference material, project communications and content for large change or learning programmes. 

“We need to Bring it to life”; to “lift it off the page”. We need this to be “exciting and engaging” and a recent favourite – “The content needs to blow people away.” 

Creativity is our friend when it comes to satisfying this request. Films, theatre, novels and comic books all use similar methods and techniques in order to engage and captivate their audience.

Consider a West End play or a Harry Potter novel. There are commonalities that ensure that the consumer of such experiences are captivated, that the content is remembered for years to come and in the very best instances, perceptions are challenged and a whole new world is visualised as if it were real.

 This all very helpful if you happen to be a Broadway theatre director or a best-selling novelist. What about if you are a leader or manager? What if you want to help employees fully understand your message and be compelled and motivated to take action?


If you have messages you want to bring to life consider how to are employing these tried and tested techniques: 

1. Visuals

By using visuals instead of text, messages can be conveyed quicker, people are more likely to remember them and they can help to express a much higher degree of information in a much shorter time/less space. 

This article helps to explain why this is the case. In the business world, an easy application is providing clever, metaphor rich visuals rather than slides and slides of bullet points.  

2. Script editing

The single biggest mistake of business presentations is trying to tell everyone everything.  Theatre and film directors, choose which scenes to show.  They focus on key moments in the story and let the viewer fill in the rest.  

For the sake of your audience, pick up this habit and don’t force your colleagues to grind through 500 pages😊


3. Storytelling.

A consistent story that begins, develops and concludes and is simple to follow is a must. You can deviate from the plot of any story, but if you abandon it and meander off somewhere else, you will leave your audience bemused and frustrated.  Know that the red thread of your story is always present.

See this article for the story types that are the most compelling and how they can help to frame a business narrative. 

4. Themes

A strong theme can really enhance how content unfolds.  It is seen by some as a gimmick, but a strong metaphor or analogy, or even a simple mnemonic can help learning to stick.  It might seem trite, but if you are involved in the creation of learning materials, try using ‘curiosity’ or ‘intrigue’ as a theme next time and see how it can enhance both the content and the application.

This wouldn’t be a monster article if it didn’t have a monster story – so here it is.

Quite a number of years ago we were invited to pitch to a well-known airline to enhance their Customer Service.  They asked us to bring the content to life and do something really different when answering their brief. 

We did. 

They were ‘blown away’ (their words) and said that no other company had come near to hitting the brief so perfectly. 

They then awarded the contract to someone else. 

This is the risk with creativity and being different from the norm. It takes a leap of faith and many leaders and organisations are often discouraged from stepping outside of the accepted norm. The saying ‘no-one got fired for hiring IBM’ is fitting in this scenario.

Luckily with the Monsters, you are in creative but safe hands.

Find examples here, of complex content made engaging, funny and memorable!

If you have business messages you want our help on makin engaging, interesting and full of life then the best person to contact is our award winning (!!) Visual Creator – Alana (