Georgina Mellor

Creative Support
George put all her eggs in one basket during her early years, only concentrating on her ambition of becoming an actor. At 18 she went to drama school in Manchester and, after graduating, had a noteworthy career for 13 years; a time that she describes as a ‘roller coaster’, offering her masses of excitement and opportunity, along with plenty of uncertainty and periods of being broke.

In 2007 she moved from Manchester to Leamington Spa after meeting her husband, but he soon tracked her down. If you know Manchester and Leamington Spa you will recognise that this move represented a huge life change and George wondered what on earth she was going to do.

Purple Monster came along at just the right time! After having her first child and trying to strike a balance with motherhood and using the creative grey matter, George started her fulfilling career as a Monster in 2012, before realising it was all a terrible mistake and moving to Spain. Two years later she realised this was a bigger mistake and re-joined us in 2017.

George loves the diverse nature of the work and quite simply gets stuck in, which we all like, because it means she does all the jobs we don’t want to do.

When not at work, you’ll find her wiping noses and enjoying being with her kids.