Our Award Winning (!!) Visual Creator, Alana is getting married this year, and on a recent dress shopping trip was reminded of the importance of building a connection with people in order to build a good relationship.

This week I bought a wedding dress. I am actually getting married, this isn’t one of the random purchases for a Purple Monster event of any kind. And don’t worry, I will not turn the lovely weekly newsletter into a wedding blog…I am not that kind of bride. But what I was interested in was the experience.

 At Purple Monster we are convinced that good experiences come from making good connections. So how was the once in a lifetime wedding dress buying experience for me?

The answer:  very different in two very similar boutiques, (apparently, you have to call them boutiques; turns out wedding etiquette can be complicated). My budget, venue and timescales were all set but my super objective was to find THE dress. I also had some sub objectives like; try on ridiculous dresses, have a go at things out of my comfort zone, feel fancy, feel good, feel relaxed, feel comfortable and have fun!

Boutique one delivered on all of these fronts.

Welcoming – I was immediately offered a seat and given a coffee. Good start. I like coffee.

Friendly– The assistant, Sheeny and I chatted about ourselves, our families and friends and most importantly, what our favourite cheese was. After half an hour I was already showing her pictures of my dog.

Honest– when a dress made me look like a rectangle, she agreed with me that it made me look like a rectangle and offered alternatives.

Respectful – giving my mum and I some time to chat through each dress I tried on and being aware when I needed a bit of space and then chipping in with conversation, opinions and advice.

Attentive – I felt like I had her full attention. Each dress was analysed thoroughly and either in the maybe pile or the no pile. I felt like the only bride in the world!  
Unfortunately, Boutique two didn’t match up. There was no upfront chat, no getting to know me. I was talked over and did not feel listened to. They weren’t disrespectful but I left feeling a little, well, disappointed. – she didn’t even know I had a dog.

Using visual storytelling to build a connection

Alana, along with our team of creative practioners, are able to use a vast toolkit of visual skills and techniques to build a connection with an audience and convey a message with authenticity and a human focus.

Now, I am not for one moment suggesting that buying a wedding dress is the same as being in business but the principles of making good connections is pretty universal right?

We all like to feel like we belong. A warm welcome, be it to a conference, event, meeting or just to your desk in the morning can go a long way to improving someone’s day. (we’ll always make you a coffee when we see you)


Humans need humans- we are tribal creatures, full of complex emotions. Taking the time to get to know your fellow people builds familiarity, trust and respect. Any major or minor workplace challenge is a lot easier to approach with a friend to confide in.


Sometimes it is hard to be honest, especially when it comes to big gnarly issues. But in the workplace, people are a lot better equipped to make decisions and take the best course of action if they know all the facts. Fudging issues just breeds distrust and destroys confidence. (Just don’t tell them that their outfit makes them look like a rectangle…)


Give people the time and attention relevant to the situation. Be present and listen to what your colleagues have to say. Respect one another. It is one of the oldest sayings in the book.


If you are head down and hard at work, remember once in a while to look up and see what the rest of your team are doing and if you can, support where necessary.

There are many other aspects to creating a good relationship and connection with people but these just stood out for me. Boutique 1 made the whole experience that bit more amazing. The connection built between the assistant and me made the whole experience enjoyable, put me at ease and it gave me confidence that I made the right decision at the end of it all. Sub objectives: achieved. Super objective: Achieved. I’ve got the dress!

Whoever said wedding planning was stressful?


If you want to help inspire trust in your organisation by creating positive experiences then get in touch with Alana on alana@purplemonster.co.uk.