What if we said all organisations had a magical superpower that could unleash huge value in harnessing the experience, knowledge and ideas of your employees? 

Not just person by person, but this superpower created a multiplier effect which took all these individual pieces of knowledge or nuggets of ideas, combined them and transformed them into cutting edge strategies and efficient and effective teams?

Well the great news is that every leader, team and organisation already has this magical superpower at their disposal, if only they choose to nourish it.

It’s called ‘The Power of Conversation’.

Organisations thrive on the transfer of knowledge; whether in ‘hard’ such as correct processes, best practice or information or ‘soft’ such as culture, ideas and ways of working. If this transmitting of information is slow then the organisation can’t react to change, can’t make improvements and can’t execute at speed. But if knowledge and ideas spread quickly and efficiently then the multiplier effect occurs; Ideas get combined and improved upon, best practice and successes get spread around for others to adopt and people are more informed, thus making better decisions. By having a culture where high quality conversations are the norm then this creates an environment for all this knowledge and information to be shared.

How can you have better quality conversations?

We believe in the power of high-quality conversations and the difference it can make to a business and so we have created a series of posts and tools which, if you are wanting to get people talking, will help you unleash this ‘magical superpower’. We will take you through, step by step what you need to be considering if you are looking to get people talking, to you as a leader, to each other in teams or to the organisation as a whole.

First strategy for better conversations; Build a Connection

The first strategy we are going to introduce to you is probably our favourite. It’s the strategy we turn to the most, especially when dealing with organisational change programmes or strategy roll outs.

It’s ‘Build a connection’.

We are not talking in Linkedin terms here. We mean a human connection.

Think about it for a second. Who are you most likely to share your ideas with at work? Who are you more likely to help out when you can see they are struggling? Who are you more likely to put in that extra effort for? It’s usually people around you that you have a connection with. Those that you admire, that have gone out of their way to help you in the past or those that you chat to every morning in the coffee queue.

That is connection. 

Using tools that help people to connect on a more human level, can’t help but naturally develop better relationships, more effective working and a willingness to put in extra effort.

Tool to help; The Purple Monster ‘Conversation Cards’

If you work with Purple Monster a lot, you may be aware of our ‘thumb folk’. Based on our logo, these little characters have been used on our business cards, on our website and in various other forms to initially describe who each of the Monster team is but we have now begun to use them to describe common business scenarios in a range of cartoons.


They started off as a bit of fun, but over time they have developed a life of their own. When one of the Monsters hands over their business card with their little ‘character’ on it, it almost always prompts a conversation about said character. It’s a conversation starter. It breaks down barriers. It shares something personal in a fun, non-intrusive way. In other words, it builds a connection.

We wanted to share with the world this simple tool for building connection and as our nearest and dearest friends we want to make sure that you are the first ones to try it with us.

So we have created a deck of ‘Conversation Cards’. These cards can be used to open up conversations on a whole host of topics. From a simple ‘share something about you’ to ‘describe how you are feeling about this transformation’

By using this tool, the element of fun and creativity is inherent. Making even a difficult subject less threatening and giving people a mechanism to express how they feel, what they think or a little bit about who they are but without the awkwardness of ‘tell us something no one knows about you’ (side note: if I haven’t told anyone this fact before why on earth would I share it with a group of people I’ve only just met?!)

Unleash your conversation superpower!

Get your own set of conversation cards here. 

You have a choice of receiving a hard copy or a digital version which would be especially useful for remote or geographically dispersed teams.  

Keep an eye out for more techniques and strategies to help unleash the conversation superpower!