Trust me, I’m a venue finder

Trust me, I’m a venue finder

If you didn’t know…Purple Monster has a venue finding business called Engaging Spaces.  Our friend and colleague, George, runs this part of the business. In between juggling duties as a Mum and venue finder, this week she was out and about filming some marketing videos. Her Wednesday went like this…

Alana and I decided to film a few more marketing videos for social media, something we’ve been playing around with for the last couple of years; having great fun and learning as we go.  The feedback on the videos has been great and each venue we’ve filmed in has welcomed the content.

For this session, providing helpful hints on how to work with us, I asked a basic starting question, ‘Where shall we shoot them?’ Now we’re a venue finding agency, so the obvious place was a great venue that we know and love working with.  We’ve built an excellent relationship with Warwick Conferences over the last year or so, sharing similar thoughts on the best learning environments.  We really love their creative, versatile, light spaces.  A quick phone call later and we were booked in.  Simple.

The video content that we were shooting was about choosing the right location for an event or meeting, as well as talking about the service we provide.  Being able to do this in a space that we highly recommend, made this one of those ‘winning’ days! The venue was fabulous and we were pleased with what we produced. #thumbsup

There was a real desire to help each other, sharing information and contacts.  They generously offered us the use of the space anytime. In return we offered to promote their lovely space; for all the right reasons.  There was nothing shallow, false, self-motivated or ‘going through the motions’ about our conversation. It felt like we wanted the best for each other and that it was a real meeting of minds. We just trusted each other and were happy to help each other where we could.

There are lots of companies that partner and collaborate and sometimes with the view of growing their own business of course.  But over the twenty-four year history of Purple Monster we have done a lot of collaborating. It is sometimes disappointing, sometimes rewarding, sometimes just thrilling, but it is always worth doing if you are prepared to share a little bit of yourselves and can encourage others to do the same. But you do have to be prepared to trust and that makes you a bit vulnerable. Wow. That’s a whole other article. Suffice it to say Wednesday’s experience was just a great example of collaboration!

Purple Monster and Engaging Spaces tips for finding the right venue…

  • Choose a venue that closely meets your objectives. Don’t be afraid to go for somewhere a little “different” if it fits with what you want to do.   
  • Think about how the environment will impact on the tone you want to set. Want people to feel relaxed and informal? Consider a space with sofas and comfy chairs. Want people to come up with innovative ideas? Think about sitting around a kitchen table (where the best ideas are formed!)  
  • Make sure the room itself is big enough to allow people to move around with ease. 
  • Location, location, location. Pick somewhere that makes sense for everyone and reduces the stress and time of travelling to and from the event. Even if it costs you a bit more for room hire it will still most likely be cheaper than people travelling further or requiring an overnight stay. 

It goes without saying that we highly recommend using Warwick Conferences.  Perhaps you can ask them, if they recommend using Engaging Spaces.  Or of course, take a look for yourself if you want something a little different:  or get in touch on

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How to create Memorable Meetings – The Outtakes!

How to create Memorable Meetings – The Outtakes!

Sometimes we forget that in business, and in life, it’s definitely OK to make mistakes. It’s OK to try things that might not quite work; it’s OK to experiment and to take risks. Sometimes, you just have to hold your hands up and try again. Try again, fail better, try again.

In making our Memorable Meetings video series, we definitely learnt this the hard way! What you don’t see in our final videos are the edits that don’t quite work; the edits left on the cutting room floor. Like most people, we love a blooper reel, so we decided to make our own.

So, here’s the behind-the-scenes fun, fumbled lines and laughter (lots of laughter!) that came from our video production…we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!