Case Study - Reimagining, Understanding and Communicating Your Vision

Global Engineering Business

When a global engineering firm needed a way of helping their senior leaders to visualise what the organisation should look like when a large-scale transformation was completed… and… crucially, be able to communicate this, so people would understand what the journey for their area would involve, we utilised the talents of our in-house art department.

We used the Hero’s Journey model with each function from across the whole organisation to create individual function ‘Journey Maps’. Our illustration team were able to take the complex and technical information from each session and to visually explain the stages of the journey from a practical and emotional perspective. The bespoke imagery, iconography, metaphors and humour were easily understood by not only the leadership team but by employees allowing them to easily understand and digest what the programme would mean to them and how they needed to act differently in order to make it a success.

“The analogy of the Hero’s Journey and the awesome graphics have proved to be immensely powerful in driving a result once the outcome is clear. E.g. for defence it has yielded over 600 improvement opportunities globally across our teams, the defence business, and the enterprise.”

Internal Communications Lead