Case Study - Ways of Working Sessions

Multinational Transmission and Distribution Company


Following their employee opinion survey, a Project Management and Delivery team were seeking a team day exploring “enablement”. Their survey had revealed that, in their bureaucratic approach to authorisations, many felt they lacked the tools and appropriate amount of decision-making authority to do their job. The team were therefore looking for a HIIT exercise that allowed them to feel empowered to make the decisions needed.



  • The design and facilitation of a fully-immersive, interactive team exercise which explored authority, decision-making and communication within the group.
  • The group was split into 4 functional teams and one executive team; each functional team was given roles around planning, design, budgeting and execution of a piece of work, outside of their usual day-to-day roles.
  • The exercise explored the hand-offs, responsibilities, pressures and dependencies of the team’s projects, compressing the end-to-end process into a 2-hour activity that allowed people to experience for themselves what it’s like to handle budget, pitching, project management, contracting, construction and delivery of work.