We proudly look back at some of the highlights of this year. 2019 has been a great success for us as a company.

Travelling all around the world delivering and facilitating large scale events for some great organisations.

There was a wedding and some good solid team building done over a bread mill too. Let us share our year….


As every year kicks off we are optimistic and full of hope for the year ahead. This year was no different. We knew we had some lovely people to work with in the coming months including the lovely Mike from By this River and the year started with trips to Chicago and Vienna for an upcoming conference in March.


New experiences for a few of us this month. Ukraine in the winter and Azerbaijan at any time. Both were great. We love Ukraine and are proud of our association with One Philosophy Group of Companies. It was they who introduced us to the SHE Congress in Baku where Alana and Robin had an inspirational couple of days.


A precious week in Vienna with our friends at Mondelez and the opportunity to work with the priceless Betsey and the equally marvellous Kate and of course, the brilliant MCL Create. Making lifelong friendships with these two and others is a privilege.


Growth and Agile was a theme this year. Alan and Robin Let it Grow in Munich for a week and then encouraged others to Breathe in Dubrovnik for another great conference.

Big up to the clients’ desire to have a ‘white evening’. Sometimes you just gotta go with it…..


This month we learnt that Camels don’t like Belvita but love the waste Oreos. Robin just loves them all. Trips to Bahrain and a post Eurovision trip to Israel was a highlight. Not sure Alana enjoyed the theme as much as Robin!


The passports were laid down for a few months and we started on some thoughtful work on being an Ally. We are so lucky to be able to work with such great thinkers across the world. And we introduced these little treasures…


A big month for PM. Alana got married. The lovely Rob has been in all our lives for a few years now but at last she’s made an honest man of him. Many happy years ahead you stars. And what a privilege to go Team USA’s Olympic headquarters to finish of the month in Colorado Springs


We had holidays. Yay. Well some of us did. Alan still had to do a lightning trip to Palo Alto to help some new Ukrainian friends before completing the story in Kyiv in September. A quiet month for once. Time to do some baking with Bread for Life!!!


We took some of our own medicine and spent a week working on ourselves. Illuminating 😊. We finished the month back in Kyiv…well not Kyiv. On the drive there we were informed we were 30 miles from the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Eek.


It got busy again with beautiful scenes of Birmingham for a joint series of events with the good people at Dialectyx and a TED style event in central Birmingham for the Mondelez family.


Our third time at the brilliant Employer Leadership Summit exploring Trust in Kyiv and a huge thanks to Oksana and Natalia for their continued friendship. A great finish to the month with a collaborative effort with Lane 4 and a DIY opera at the Opera House in Valencia. If you’ve not been, go. It’s amazing.


As long as we’ve got coffee and a smile everything will be ok. We’re mindful of the support given to us by so many and thankful for the friendships that we continue to make and cherish every year.

Have a wonderful Holiday season and if you celebrate it, then we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Lots of love

The Monster Team