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‘More than anything, Purple Monster have undoubtedly helped us to accelerate our integration process and take us to a position that I might have expected to be in a year’s time.’

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‘We trust you as you take us on a safe journey out of our comfort zone… A journey we would never take without you and a journey that allows us to be / to become better leaders.’

‘We covered a plethora of key and critical messages this week with a lot of thought provoking and emotive content.
Speaking on behalf of myself and the guys in my teams, we all felt it was nothing shy of superb.’

‘You guys grease the wheels of change.’

‘Thank you again for all that you and the team did yesterday.
The event exceeded our expectations and we have had universally positive feedback.  It was great to work with you once again.’

‘Purple Monster’s style and delivery were very effective in breaking down barriers and helping staff to understand and appreciate their colleagues’ contribution to the organisation.’

‘The guys at Purple Monster can take great credit in helping us transform the function in making it
not only a great place to work but a high performing team.’

‘It definitely has been the biggest change we’ve rolled out to the
business, with very quick up take in a short period of time. A real success story for our
business change approach, and you guys are part of that!’