Artwork, Animation and Illustration

Visual translation of business messages into engaging and impactful artistic creations. Interpreting your challenges, data and initiatives by developing visual representations that don't just look good, but have a business purpose and long-lasting impact.

Reimagining, understanding and communicating your vision

A visual representation of narrative, strategy, vision or plan. You know your vision. You know your values. We translate the cold words and interpret them into an engaging and emotionally connected visual that people not only see, but warm to.

We create these visual narratives by spending time with you to understand your vision, values, people’s needs and the supporting messages that need to be incorporated. These visual narratives contain a richness not seen in PowerPoint or clipart. That’s because they contain wit, emotion, humour, and are always concerned with the human connection to the message. And they’re yours.

Bring this together with our world-class facilitation and you have a ready-made engagement campaign that reimagines your vision and brings it to life. Read more here.


Few things have pleased our clients more over the last twenty years than these brilliant animated films. In the spirit of doing business differently, these are not built from stock images or pre-prepared scripts; our ‘animates’ are always original, bespoke and unique.

We work with you to establish messages and themes, align the content to a metaphor and turn the data into a story. Supported with engaging and relevant visuals (whether hand-drawn or vector artwork), animates are a short and versatile way of communicating a change, challenge or initiative within the business.

Engaging, witty and memorable, these animates make an impact on any audience.


Visual Process Maps

A flowchart will show you a step-by-step process, but it’s not that engaging. A visual process map will show you that same process, but this time, we will add images, narrative, human impact and character.

Our visual process maps will show often complex end-to-end processes and customer journeys in a clear and understandable way, to help employees see where they can interact with the process or where the changes will happen and what they will impact.

Working closely with the client, we will start with the process outline, translating the content into images for each step. The information is then put into a skeleton layout for approval and confirmation of correct process. We then create the final visuals according to agreed style and brand.

Our visual process maps can be used in a variety of ways: as posters, office installations, supporting material for workshops, or even as animated videos.

Post-event scribes

You may have seen “live scribes”, which are created in the moment at an event. We think they’re great, and have delivered many over the last few years. They are highly engaging, interactive and nice to have at the time, but their weakness is that they don’t last for very long after that event. What we are describing here is a post-event scribe.

Unlike a live scribe, a post-event scribe captures the messages from the meeting in a more thoughtful manner, with the added value of post-event reflection and consideration, both from us and from you. We’re still in attendance at your event to listen and note the important moments, but this time, we have the time to create a more considered composition that can still be sent out as a representation of what happened at the event.

By creating it digitally, you are then free to use the whole image or specific parts of it in future communications, for longer-lasting impact.