Start with "hello"...

Great business is built on great relationships. We work with employees, teams and leaders to increase their ability to connect. This not only builds and strengthens relationships, but will enable your people to work more effectively with colleagues, team members, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Building connection with customers

We all know what good and bad customer service consists of in a retail arena. We’ve all been customers. So what’s behind “customers at the heart” or “in the customer’s shoes” and “start and finish with customer”? Just giving good service isn’t enough any more. The best organisations understand their customers because they have taken time, energy and investment to really know them.

Building connection with stakeholders

Stakeholders are people or organisations who have an interest in the job or work that you are doing. Successful outcomes come from real engagement with those people and that cannot be a short cut. If you want success, you need to have connected to and made a connection with these people…and a business model won’t be enough.

Building connection as leaders

As a leader, people are always looking for you to make the easy and tough decisions and to give them certainty and direction. Well, we assume that’s what they want. All the books tell us that. But individual people definitely want different things and need different handling. You’ll need to find how to connect to them individually.

Building connection with and within teams

There are many wonderful team-based personality type diagnostics that you can try and they will tell you a lot about the way people are deemed to be. But that rarely develops into discussions around dynamics, behaviour and collective expectations. We work with our teammates day after day, and yet we rarely spend time to actually find things out that would make our collective lives a little nicer.

Building connection to your organisation

We don’t need to waste time here telling you about the importance of all the people in your organisation going in one direction and being completely aligned on goals and vision, while at the same time being utterly committed to your values. Productivity, discretionary effort, engagement and attrition rates are all affected by that. But how do you do it?

Building connection with your audience

Storytellers, filmmakers and speech writers are concerned with their message. The best films, speeches and communications engage us because they move, inspire and speak to us. Without consideration of your audience, anything you say, write or create is at best, without merit and at worst, indulgent.

Building connection with suppliers

The relationship you have with your partners and supplier isn’t just a transaction. Or if it is, then you are not getting the most out of it. Partnering with other organisations can be tricky and ensuring your suppliers have the same standards and urgency that you have is tricky too.