High-Impact Kick-Offs

Using world-class facilitation skills to create a high-energy environment where your content can be shown off at its best. Ensure your messages land by utilising tools and techniques with the sole purpose of connecting the audience to your message.

High-Impact Facilitation

You’ve got the idea for your event. You know your date, your venue, your attendee list and your content. Sorted…right? Not quite. The most important thing to consider is the audience. What you need is impact. Find the hook that will transform a “meeting” into an experience. Using our first skill as performers, actors, and entertainers, we know how to make an impact with an audience. But entertainment is not enough. As conference hosts, emcees and facilitators, we must ensure that messages land, leaders connect, and communication is two-way.

Our facilitation is the “glue” that holds the event together. We will make sure that the experience is one people will remember; bringing energy, engagement and atmosphere to maximise engagement, quick adoption and accelerated collaboration. Utilise the skills who know how to work a crowd, will enable your speakers to flourish, and will ensure that the audience leaves feeling engaged, motivated and ready for the challenges ahead.

The PIE Model: How to create Memorable Meetings

Looking to design and deliver a memorable meeting?

Our PIE model (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional) explains all the various elements you need to consider. Its targeted at large meetings or conferences, but the principles apply to any meeting, whatever the size. Find videos, hints and tips to applying to PIE model to your own Memorable Meeting here.

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Kick-off design and facilitation

Whether it be for under a hundred or up to a thousand, we always aim to bring compelling themes, weave business objectives seamlessly through the event and, most of all, enable people to get the most out of being together. As with big events, this may be through the power of personality, but it may also be through rigorous and appropriate event design, sympathetic communication materials; always working with you to ensure it’s your event.

We work alongside you to co-design and create the most engaging and inspiring way of sharing your messages, making the most of your agenda and your content to produce engaging, interactive sessions. Throughout the meeting, we make sure everyone is involved and the atmosphere is enjoyable, productive and never boring. The effect is long-lasting and the energy palpable.