Illustration & animation

Communication & engagement tools

Important messages within any business can be explained in a multitude of ways, but by applying our creativity and artistic skills, readers are more likely to take notice, absorb, understand and ultimately act upon what they have read/seen/heard. We have created board games, written and illustrated cartoon strips and graphic novels, created podcasts and radio shows and even curated an art gallery – all in service of an increased understanding and awareness of key messages.

Live scribes

These organic, live creations beautifully capture the feel, themes and topics of any meeting. Our artists listen to the content of your meeting and record these elements visually, providing a version of what has been discussed with more colour and vibrancy than any note-taking or post-event spreadsheet ever could. By capturing them digitally, you are then free to use the whole image or specific parts of it in future communications.


We can provide immersive installations at your place of work or conference that serve as a visual talking point, memorable metaphor or attention-grabbing representation of a key message. We collaborate with you to determine an innovative and relevant theme that we turn into something that will develop a common understanding and reference point for all employees.


Few things have pleased our clients more over the last twenty years than these brilliant animated mini films. These are not stock images or pre-prepared scripts; our ‘animates’ are always original, bespoke and unique. Using the script writers, voice-over artists and animators that we have in our team, we create engaging, witty and brilliantly memorable films that make an impact on any audience. You decide the content and the messages and we craft and create it, normally within a three-week time-frame and at a manageable cost.