Ways of working sessions

Do the people in your department know what’s going on? Really know? Or do they just turn up and do their bit of the process and not understand how other people interact with what they do, or not understand the pressures different teams are under?

You give us a problem that your teams face: whether that be decision-making, working in silos, or dealing with ambiguity. We translate that challenge into an exercise that mirrors the hand-offs, responsibilities, pressures and dependencies of their work, and involve everyone in it, in an exercise that runs for between 30 minutes and three hours. It allows people to experience for themselves what it’s like to handle the budget, or deliver excellent service, or respond to fast-moving developments… sometimes compressing 18 months of procedure and process into a very active, pressured, but fun session.

They will have a better understanding of how their role affects others, and give them an insight into areas where improvements could be made, so the department is leaner, slicker, and fit for purpose.

Our sessions

The Pipelines Exercise

Looks at: decision-making, risk perception

Using a giant chessboard, teams have to identify and lay out a pipeline safely, avoiding pitfalls and maximising economic efficiency.

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The Maze

Looks at: decision-making, dealing with ambiguity and change

Also, using a giant chessboard, the Maze provides an analogous scenario to any activity where a team has to move through uncertain times to achieve their end goal.

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The Egg Exercise

Looks at: silos, process safety, communication

With this exercise, the task is to transport a set number of eggs, safely, without breaking them, from one specified point to another, overcoming a number of challenges along the way.

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The Cheese and Pickle Sandwich Challenge

Looks at: written processes, clarity of communication

Think making a sandwich is easy? Groups must document the process and procedure in making a cheese and pickle sandwich, using only the materials provided. How robust is your process?

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The Boat Race

Looks at: end-to-end design process, teamwork and planning

In teams, the task is to design, build and race a boat on wheels. Design the type of boat you’d like to build, select your materials and construction method, build, and then race. Whose boat will be the fastest?

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The Sands of Time

Looks at: portfolio and workflow planning, agility in reacting to change

This exercise represents the planning and delivery of a portfolio of work. Plan the workload you will undertake and seek to deliver the work to the optimum level with the allotted timescale.

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The Cup of Tea Game

Looks at: customer/stakeholder relationship building, communication and complex systems

This exercise is designed to put players in the shoes of the ‘customer’ and illustrates how accepting responsibility is crucial to best service.

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The Construction Straw Challenge

Looks at: delivering on promises, excellent performance, agility under pressure

This exercise requires teams to work together to create a structure from construction straws. It’s an exercise in delivering excellent performance within a set of parameters: team working, cost, quality and time.

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The Crisis Exercise

Looks at: interdependencies of complex systems, communication, siloed working

This exercise tackles a specific challenge faced by the team and brings it to life in an immersive, interactive activity. It’s perfect for teams with a large or complex problem they want to play out in a safe and inclusive space.

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The Chairs Game

Looks at: systems thinking, interpersonal relationships, working under pressure

This game allows us to learn about strategy and working together as a team- by using awareness, looking out for those around you, and being able to be more objective from a distance.

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