Meeting, Workshop and Conference Design and Facilitation

Design and Facilitation services for corporate organisations. Using creative thinking and innovative ideas to make meetings, workshops, conferences or events memorable and fully engaging.

Workshops & training

Our workshops help smaller teams or groups develop specific skills, or increase understanding of a particular topic. These range from equipping super-users with the content knowledge and behavioural skills to be successful in their role, to helping senior leaders be more comfortable and confident in using the power of storytelling. Our workshops can be designed specifically for your particular challenge or situation or we can use a variety of our unique and well-proven activities and exercises. In either case, we focus on involvement and participation, allow people to talk, question, and leave feeling inspired to act or change.

Events & conferences

Whether it be for under a hundred or up to a thousand, we always aim to bring compelling themes, weave business objectives seamlessly through the event and, most of all, enable people to get the most out of being together. We work alongside you to create the most engaging and inspiring way of sharing your messages and work throughout the conference to make sure everyone is involved and the atmosphere is enjoyable, productive and never boring. The effect is long-lasting and the energy palpable.