What we do

We believe that emotionally engaging people is the best way to increase real understanding and awareness; inspiring people to act, change and ultimately be committed to the issue being considered. We achieve this by using creativity and skills inspired by the arts.

Face-to-face engagement

We take business messages or corporate requirements and create face-to-face workshops, conferences and training sessions that stir and inspire employees and leaders to act or change.

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Virtual & remote engagement

We use our skills in engaging with people at an emotional level and apply them to the virtual world, creating immersive conferences and training sessions that are just as engaging, inspiring and fun- but without the travel and logistical costs.

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Illustration & animation

Our illustrators are not only skilled but steeped in the world of business, and so are able to translate strategies, processes, technical information or system requirements and develop engaging, memorable and easily-understood artefacts.

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