The Maze


The Maze provides an analogous scenario to any activity where a team has to move through uncertain times to achieve their end goal. There is no clear path, and there is limited information from which to make decisions. The aim is simple: keep moving forward, keep finding out more information, and make your decisions based on what you know. Every step forward brings good information. Be flexible to respond to what you learn, and confident enough to take the next step forward. How do you- individually and as a team- deal with change?


Group size

Teams of between 10 and 20 (per mat).


30- 60 minutes depending on allotted time.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Flexibility in adapting to changing environments
  • Using careful analysis of information available to make the best decisions
  • The importance of perspective in making careful judgments
  • The way in which we work as a team under pressure