Vicky Holding

Creative Design & Facilitation

Vicky is the third Monster musketeer (the others being Alan and Robin) likely to burst into song if anyone in a fifteen-mile radius says a line that was used in any musical written between 1955 and the present day. However, unlike Alan, she actually knows the words.

Vicky studied French and English at the University of Warwick, where she spent more time performing in plays, musicals and concerts than she did doing her degree. She still lives in Leamington Spa, where she likes to pretend she’s still a student.

After doing modules such as medieval literature, it was an obvious choice to become a member of the Purple Monster team, as the demand for engagement work delivered in Old English is, as you will be well aware, a core part of our offer. When she is not doing this, she can be found either explaining how digital content works to the rest of us who don’t understand, or designing events that bring business challenges to life. (Don’t mention the sand contraptions she designed to illustrate the planning and delivery of a portfolio of work. It’s a sore point in the office.)

Vicky is responsible for the continued buoyancy of the Disney share price through extensive purchases of most of their output and can talk at length about the various, diverse merits of rollercoasters in theme parks around the world. Her favourite food comes in a party bag and her favourite colour is unicorn.