Jonathan Keelan

Finance Officer

“A Happy, easy-going individual”, “Fun to be around” “Good on his feet or in a crowd” “Relaxed in his own Epidermis ”…Some of the things NEVER said about Jonathan, who has been the Finance Officer for Purple Monster for FAR too long (2004). Not so much part of the furniture as part of an intractably blocked sewage pipe…

His ONLY article on the Company’s website addresses the issue of being an introvert in an organisation of extroverts, and how, paradoxically, this has been an enriching and rewarding arrangement for him. This still does essentially encapsulate his Purple Monster experience and accounts for his longevity at the company.

His trademark is the non-sequitur and Self-Deprecation (See above and below).

Professionally, Jonathan has operated in the grey and soulless underworld of low-level bookkeeping for over 20 years now. Before this, he worked as a Laboratory Technician in various educational and hospital environments and rather incongruously as a carer for the elderly.

Unable to fully escape from the tormenting voices in his head or to find a middle ground between the state of morbid seriousness and absurd puerility, his most effective way to relax or to trick his glands into producing benign emissions is through manifold ball sports (especially cricket), cycling, reading history books, observing others being funny (Purple Monster is generously endowed with many such characters), listening to very specific types of music and eating excessively.

Once motivated by high ideals and dreams of making a difference in his professional and private life, Jonathan is now content if he gets through a day without needing to consult an online medical symptom checker facility or spilling food down his shirt…