Howard Karloff

Senior Design and Facilitation

Howard has never had a plan. He became an actor by accidentally applying for, and getting into the Drama Department at Birmingham University when he couldn’t find a course in Anglo-Saxon. He did twelve years on the comedy circuit because he needed an Equity card, made an art-house film that no-one understood, got an agent and made a lot of TV commercials. None of it was planned. His entire 25 years as an actor was justified by 30 seconds of being Mr Muscle. He’s practically impossible to find on YouTube but buy him a drink and he’ll tell you where to look.

He fell into, and fell off riding a skateboard when he was a kid, and still carries three boards in the boot of his classic Honda Civic. If you call him into a meeting next to a big hill expect him to be late and turn up with scrubbed knees. Without ever meaning to, he was taught to ride a snowboard by the fourth best female rider in the world, and only stays at Purple Monster because he’s convinced that one day Alan will organise a company trip to the Alps.

Somehow, he has become quite good at designing and facilitating events for global companies and writing nonsense in elegantly crafted sentences.