Danielle Thompson

Commercial Director

For a serious and logical person, Danielle laughs a lot, and we mean a lot. She is exactly the type of person you want in an audience, as she is pretty much guaranteed to laugh at anything. That said, she is our Commercial Director, and so can be pretty darn serious when required.

She is currently studying for an MBA through Warwick Business School, much to the consternation of the rest of the Purple Monster team, as although it has helped the company in so many ways, the new ideas, frameworks and models she keeps implementing are proving hard to keep up with. If we’re honest, we all gave up trying to keep up a while ago, but don’t tell her that.

She lives out in the countryside (Robin still can’t really understand where it is, but it is a long way from pretty much everywhere) with her husband and her much-adored pooch, Max.

Her work at Purple Monster is a fabulous blend of business and creativity and she is constantly looking to prove that the two can work seamlessly together and are not mutually exclusive. She is known to like a good spreadsheet, but can also develop the most wonderfully creative ideas when required. If she can put the creative idea into a spreadsheet she starts laughing again.