The Egg Exercise


Each team is given the task of transporting a set number of eggs, safely, without breaking them, from one specific point to another, overcoming a number of challenges in the process. To do this they have to consider the particular objective and write a detailed, but easy to follow, method for how they are going to navigate the course ahead of them. Who will do what, and what equipment will you need? Assign roles and responsibilities, decide on budget, and purchase the kit, before attempting the assault course. Can you survive without any breakages?


Group size

Teams of approx. 10.


60- 120 minutes depending on complexity levels.


Learning Outcomes:

  • The importance of clarity and accuracy in written instructions
  • Tackles the complexity and communication problems within handoffs
  • Requires imaginative, adaptive and innovative thinking around problem solving
  • Examines the relationship between efficient operation and risk