Crisis Exercise


This exercise tackles a specific challenge faced by the team and brings it to life in an immersive, interactive activity. It’s perfect for teams with a large or complex problem they want to play out in a safe and inclusive space. Changing energy landscapes, organisation restructures and process analogies are all possible scenarios. With the problem scenario outlined by you, and crafted by us, the group splits into teams to tackle the challenge- relying on other teams around them to help complete the task.

(This can be crafted to span a few hours, or can be expanded to last the entire length of a conference, depending on the complexity of the problem and the ambition of the team!)


Group size

Up to 200, split into teams of 20.


60 minutes to 3 days!


Learning Outcomes:

  • How to approach a business challenge from a perspective different to your own
  • Working together at different points in a process, with different responsibilities
  • The impact of team success on organisational success
  • How to adapt and be agile within a changing business landscape