Connecting with Customers

Lots of studies have convinced us that customer retention is far less expensive than customer acquisition. We also know that existing customers are more likely to buy from you than new customers. If you weren’t convinced by the cost element of providing good customer service, then let’s try this one on you. Looking after your customers is the morally right thing to do.  

Hey, we know that the first problem when considering your customer strategy is ‘Who are our customers?’ ‘Does that include stakeholders’, ‘Isn’t my internal team my customer?’ ‘What about consumers- are they customers?’ ‘How about end users?’ ‘Surely we should think of everyone as customers?’. Once you’ve figured that out (a long and difficult discussion in some organisations we’ve worked with), you then have to think about how you serve them best. 

This is why connecting with customers is more important than simply providing great customer service. Great customer service is a noble ambition and we all know when we’ve experienced it, but it’s not always easy to achieve when your customer is not directly in front of you, or they don’t appreciate or understand the strictures you may be under.  

Connecting with customers was one of the first courses that Purple Monster ever ran and 24 years on we still believe that you have to practise how to achieve it. It needs some hard work from you, as individuals, your teams, your leadership, your culture and your belief in whether you really want to ‘put customers at the heart’ at all. We’ll develop an approach for you that will work for your organisation, but will really test whether you mean it and how you achieve it. In the end it will always be how you connect with your customers rather than how you serve them.

Things to explore in Connecting with Customers: 

  • “What do you want?!” We will encourage you to treat your customers individually and reassure you to be yourself. You know your organisation’s values. Demonstrate them. And then the rest is down to being courteous and delivering on your promise.  
  • The Power of Moments: these are the interactions and connections you have with a customer. How you act in these moments is indicative of, and determines, your relationship with them. Where are yours? 
  • Interested and interesting: if you are interested in your customers, you will as a result become more interesting to them. How can we create this connection?
  • “The system has failed you…don’t fail yourself”: an exploration of attitude, behaviour and taking responsibility- how can you act within the parameters of certain customer interactions?