Connecting with your Audience

At Purple Monster, we encourage people to consider the views of their audience all the way through any interaction that they might have with others. Whether that be in “Connecting with Customers”, where we will place ourselves in the customer’s shoes, for example, or similarly, when “Connecting with Stakeholders”, we will always consider people’s differing priorities. It’s the same when you are dealing with any audience: you must consider what is the right information or experience for who you have in front of you. 

As actors and theatre practitioners, we learnt very early in our careers that to pitch your performance wrongly will quickly find you out (ask Robin about his experience doing a school’s tour in East London!). But it’s the same in business. How often have you sat through very tedious presentations and meetings, simply because the host or presenter had not considered how to engage their audience? 

We know that not everyone is a natural performer- we’re not saying that you have to be Michelle Obama or Sir Ken Robinson to achieve success, but you do want to ensure that your idea, proposal or presentation will be received well.  

One thing that our collective experience within the arts has taught us is that you would never consider even going anywhere near the finished product without having planned, practised and rehearsed well first. This doesn’t just mean getting the slides right, this means considering who your audience is, where they have come from, what questions they might be asking and what you want them to leave thinking and feeling.  

Whatever it is we will ensure you shape it, pull it apart, practise it, rewrite it, rehearse it, hone it, change it and, in the end, ensure that you are comfortable with it knowing that your audience has been considered all the way through.  

In Connecting with Your Audience, we will consider:

  • A Slice of PIE: We will take you through our PIE process where you will diagnose the Physical, Intellectual and Emotional considerations behind a meeting, conference, or even just a conversation.  
  • Tell Me a Story: We will introduce you to our storytelling modules which will help you to first determine you know which story you are telling and then ensure that you learn to tell it in an effective and, most importantly, engaging manner.  
  • Presenter Masterclass: We will walk you through our step-by-step process for ensuring you are considering the right things when shaping your presentation
  • Breaking down the Barriers: an exploration of blurring the lines between presenters and audience. How do you bring the audience in to make the relationship between you more intimate? How can you incorporate the use of emotions to effectively convey a message or presentation?
  • “Any questions?”: How do you ensure that you have created an atmosphere that encourages your audience to ask questions. We will help you to shape your presentations to include, involve and inspire your audience in order that there is no awkward silence when you ask: “any questions?”