The Chairs Game


This game allows us to learn about strategy and working together as a team – by using awareness, looking out for those around you, being able to be more objective from a distance, and the balance between proximity to a problem, and fitness to act in service of solving that problem. Working together as a whole group “system”, the aim is to keep one individual out of their chair, by strategising efficiently, and tackling the problem as a cohesive group. How do you solve the problem? Where does the responsibility lie? Can you succeed with strategy, or does this change in the heat of the moment?


Group size

Up to 30 in one group.


15- 30 minutes.


Learning Outcomes:

  • The strategy and execution in designing a complex system
  • Exploration of how people deal with problems under pressure
  • Looks at systemic thinking and how plans are affected by problems arising
  • Consideration of relationships and responsibilities, personally and as a team