Case Study - Virtual Conferences & Meetings

Global FMCG Organisation

A newly-formed global function wanted a way of connecting their team, spread across 50 different countries.

The aim was to build relationships that would continue well past the event and provide a mechanism to share information and best practice.

Bringing the entire function together was cost-prohibitive.


  • A ‘Virtual Village’ was designed complete with beach, woodland, open fields and mountain ‘residences’.
  • Each colleague opted for a residence to ‘live’ in and during the event are encouraged to visit their residence cafés to meet other villagers.
  • Over the four days, activities were organised in the village buildings. The Village not only enabled the Villagers to connect, share experiences and engage, meeting materials and outputs were also found within.
  • The Virtual Village site – eventually renamed by the Villagers as CLAborationville to reflect the function – received 5,400 visits, 400 1:1 meetings were arranged and 136 working sessions took place all across the world.

“The Virtual Village has a fun look and feel; very inviting. Now that it is populated with us all and the activities are buzzing it’s really coming to life. A round of applause to all those who created it, executed it, and are making it happen, as well as to all those who are participating to make the Virtual Village a real place.”

Chief Counsel