Case Study - "Start with Hello..."

Multinational Energy Company

The company had a long-standing and unacceptably high maintenance backlog, including safety critical maintenance. Multiple attempts had been made to address the challenges but with minimal impact.


  • Our story gathering phase uncovered some underlying trust issues between stakeholder groups and allowed disgruntled members of staff to articulate their issues without judgement.
  • We co-designed and facilitated over 50 workshops, delivering a combined behavioural and technical training session.  The day long workshop had a 50:50 balance between SAP system and process training, and behavioural change, connecting the group to the process, as well as to each other.
  • The sessions allowed people to open up difficult conversations, challenged hostility in constructive way and led people to conclude for themselves that there was a better way.
  • We did not shy away from the emotionally charged topics, enabling the teams to shift very quickly from disengaged to become proactive change advocates.

NB All the workshops took place in a carefully monitored environment, so we were unable to take photographs.

“The proof of any implementation lies in the data that can be captured. In this respect we have seen an astonishing shift in our standards and compliance figures in only a few months. Purple Monster have helped to accelerate adoption of the new system as well as create a more positive and engaged workforce which can only help us as we continue on this change journey.”

Programme Lead